Can Soaring Temperatures Cause Back Pain?

back care advice fro our bournemouth chiropractorSummer has well and truly arrived and many of you are enjoying the warmer temperatures and fun activities that this time of year offers. But if you suffer from back pain, your summer experience may be a little more daunting. Here’s why …

Just the summer weather itself can affect your back pain symptoms. For some of you, the surge in temperatures may bring relief from your back while others of you may struggle. Even though there is little  scientific evidence to show a concrete link between weather and back or joint pain, many patients report that heat, humidity, or even barometric pressure affects their pain levels – whether this is for better or for worse.

If your symptoms respond to changes in the weather, our Bournemouth chiropractor suggests taking advantage of indoor air-conditioning to reduce humidity levels. You can also try using ice therapy to soothe and decrease inflammation.

But it’s not just the hot weather that can worsen your back pain during the summer months – several other factors can also play a part.


A week or two of sun, sea and sand can be a lot of fun, but with a holiday comes travel. And with travel comes sitting in a car or a plane for long periods of time, which of course, can be very hard on your spine.


Any sleeping problems you have can become worse during the summer. Longer days can lead to changes in your sleeping patterns, and increased activity can make it impossible to keep a consistent sleep and nap schedule. On top of this, travelling may have you sleeping on a different bed and mattress. And heat and humidity can make it very difficult to fall and stay asleep.


Most of us like to get out it in the garden and ensure it stays in ship-shape during the summer, but those green fingers can leave you with a great deal of strain on your back. This can lead to back pain due to muscle stress and improper posture.

The good news is that you can reduce the risk of putting a dampener on your summer activities by talking to a trusted chiropractor or healthcare provider. It’s never too late to look after your spine, so take your first steps today!

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