back care advice from our bournemouth chiropractor

Is Your Child’s Back And Spine At Risk?

At Charminster Chiropractic Clinic we believe that prevention is better than cure. With school children across the country returning to school we thought it a good time to highlight to parents some of the often overlooked actions that could be putting their child’s back and spine at risk and provide advice to prevent any harmful […]

back care advice fro our bournemouth chiropractor

Can Soaring Temperatures Cause Back Pain?

Summer has well and truly arrived and many of you are enjoying the warmer temperatures and fun activities that this time of year offers. But if you suffer from back pain, your summer experience may be a little more daunting. Here’s why … Just the summer weather itself can affect your back pain symptoms. For […]

back care advice from our bournemouth chiropractor

Are You Drinking Your Way to Back Pain?

A little tipple to “take the edge off” can often seem like an appealing option to someone living with chronic pain. In fact, alcohol is widely used by patients with chronic back pain. But it actually creates more problems than it solves, even exacerbating any pre-existing conditions. So how can alcohol affect back pain, exactly? […]

back care advice from our bournemouth chiropractor

Habits You Should Kick For a Healthy Spine

We’re all guilty of having a bad habit or two. Whether it’s biting our fingernails or drinking too much coffee, we all have those guilty pleasures that we know we shouldn’t do. But did you know that some unhealthy habits can actually have a direct impact on your spine? Today, our Bournemouth chiropractor reveals three […]

back care advice from our bournemouth chiropractor

Is Stress Causing Your Back Pain?

We all know that stress and anxiety can cause a number of different physical and emotional responses. But did you know how we feel emotionally can be closely linked with the health of our spines? To highlight the connection between back pain and stress, our Bournemouth chiropractor looks at the relationship between the mind and […]